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Anticipation is building

Wauchope Creative Hub are preparing to host the "Power of Purple" art competition, a focal point of the 2024 Lasiandra Festival.

The Power of Purple Art Exhibition hosted by Wauchope Creative Hub

With the exhibition set to unfold in March 2024, local artists are eagerly gearing up to unveil their interpretations of the theme and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the local art scene.

As the 2024 Lasiandra festival approaches, the creative energy is growing, and the prospect of exploring the diverse expressions of purple across various artistic mediums is creating excitement within the local arts community.

The Wauchope Creative Hub, known for fostering local creatives, is poised to transform into a dynamic space where hues of purple will come alive through the vision of local talents.

The theme, "Power of Purple," acts as a catalyst for imagination, inviting artists to delve into the symbolism, emotions, and personal connections associated with this enigmatic color. From the regal richness of deep purples to the delicate tones of lavender, the spectrum of possibilities promises a visually stunning and conceptually rich exhibition.

Community engagement is at the heart of this event, as local anrtists eagerly await the unveiling of the "Power of Purple," exhibition at The Wauchope Creative Hub on Monday 4th March.

The ""Power of Purple," art competition is poised to become a focal point of the 2024 Wauchope Lasiandra Festival, leaving a purple mark on the cultural landscape and fostering a sense of community and connection among local artists.


Following on from the past 2 years successful art exhibitions, the "Power of Purple," is a fantastic platform for aspiring local artists to showcase their creative talents in a fantastic space at Wauchope Creative Hub.

We are seeking local businesses that would like to sponsor a prize or two to be awarded at the Wauchope Creative Hub Lasiandra Festival Art Exhibition Prize Ceremony. to be held at 87 Cameron Street at 2.00pm on Saturday 16th March. If you are able to sponsor an award please contact the organiser Stu Doherty by phone 0414 806 578 or email.


* Pick up your entry form from Wauchope Creative Hub

* Artwork delivery is Friday 1st March and Saturday 2nd March

* Exhibition March 4th to March 16th

* Prize ceremony 2pm Saturday 16th March

* Due to limited space - Artwork submissions are limited in size to maximum 270cm total circumference;

eg 60cm x 70cm = 270cm total circumference. (60 + 60 + 70 + 70 = 270cm)

* Artists are limited to 2 submissions per person.

* Stand alone sculpture is permitted, maximum size 60cm in any direction.

* Any medium or style is included: painting, drawing, photography, fibre art, quilting, mixed media, sculpture etc. as long as it fits the size restrictions.

* Entry fee of $10 per artwork must be paid when delivering your artwork. The Entry form MUST be delivered with your entry fee and artwork on 1st & 2nd March.



Stu Doherty

p/ 0414 806 578 or email

Chrissy Jones

p/ +61 412 137 621


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